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Miranda Gooch

Leticia Jaimes




As our Director, Miranda Gooch is dedicated to creating a nurturing and enriching environment where every child can thrive. Her goals encompass ensuring the highest quality of care and education for all children under our supervision. This involves implementing innovative curriculum approaches that cater to diverse learning styles and needs, fostering strong relationships with families based on open communication and collaboration, and continually enhancing the center's facilities and resources to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment. The director's vision is centered around promoting a culture of continuous improvement and professional development among our staff, ultimately striving to make our daycare a place where children feel happy, supported, and inspired to learn and grow every day. 

As the owner of our daycare, Leticias goals are centered around creating a welcoming and enriching environment for children and families. She aims to provide high-quality early childhood education that promotes holistic development, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. Her vision is to cultivate a strong sense of community where families feel valued and supported, and where children thrive in a safe and nurturing space. She is dedicated to fostering a team of passionate educators who share our commitment to excellence and who are empowered to create meaningful learning experiences for each child. Ultimately, her goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of young children and their families by offering a childcare setting that is educational, caring, and inspiring.

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